Mixin Introduction

Mixin Network is a free and lightening fast peer-to-peer transactional network for bitcoin and other digital assets.

In Mixin Network, user pay bitcoin and any asset for free, merchants instantly receive bitcoin and other asset, the payment is anonymous for public.

Writing application in Mixin Network is not painful

Developer can use their favorite language and framework to write application in Mixin Network. Mixin Network did not introduce new language or new programming pattern.

Great free application can make money without advertisement

Free application developers rely on advertisement to support their life. Mixin Network build a blockchain gateway business to support mixin application developers to earn money. For instance, user need to pay 0.01 EOS to withdraw EOS to other non mixin-network EOS account, part of the 0.01 EOS will be rewarded to developer who created user's account.

Grow with world

Mixin network will support more and more major assets.

Mature solution to double-spend problem

Mixin use mature BFT consensus to implement an effective solution to double spend problem.

Instantly confirmation

Mixin kernel is composed of high-speed, high-performance servers. Transaction is composed of bitcoin's utxo model and transaction can be verified and become non-reversible in 1 second.

Unlimited throughout capacity and temper resistant

Mixin use DAG, not block, to link every transaction. This technology make it very hard to temper history transaction in mixin kernel. DAG also enable mixin kernel support unlimited throughout .

Mixin is a distributed autonomous organization

Mixin network is built by a small group of nodes. Anyone can freely set up a full node after he pledged 10,000 XIN token. Mixin network relies on software and machine to do all work include punishing dis-honest node.

Protect user's asset in a familiar way

Most of blockchains only rely on private key to protect user's asset. Secure experts and professionals like it. User have to use strong password to protect the key because no cost to copy it. But strong password is very hard to remember, users often failed to get their asset back just because they forget. Stronger password is harder for hacker to crack, is harder for user to remember. Secure export also suggest user to backup keys in different place. But most of users only have one personal computer: their smart phone. Many private keys were destroyed just because user accidentally remove file folder or format computer hard disk or lost their phone.

Mixin encourage developer to help user to backup user's private key because developers can keep file on cloud storage. Top-tier cloud storage vendors can provide 99.999999999% durability which is considered never loss. User still control assets because a 6 digit pin code is required to send assets. Expert level user are still allowed keep their own private key in Mixin Network.

Mixin official website is:https://mixin.one

Mixin Network official developer guide and api please refer to : http://developers.mixin.one/api

Mixin Network official code please refer to: https://github.com/MixinNetwork

Examples, introduction to Mixin Network and basic concept please refer to: https://mixin-network.gitbook.io/mixin-network/