Support online cryptocurrency payment

Support bitcoin and other blockchains

Mixin Network support bitcoin and other 12 blockchains, all ERC20 tokens, and all EOS tokens. More cryptocurrency will be supported in the future.

Anonymous, verifiable transaction

Each transaction is anonymous and can be verified on blockchain explorer. Details of each transaction is only visible to payer and payee.

Receive money instantly, no fraud

Each mixin transaction can be confirmed and become non-reversible in 1 second.

Developer friendly

Mixin Network transaction has two attributes: trace_id and memo. Developer can link a transaction to an order by transaction's attributes. This help merchant know whether and when customer pay order. This feature enable vending machine and other IOT device to accept cryptocurrency payment.

Award for wallet developer

Every time a mixin network user pay withdraw fee, part of fee will be rewarded to developer who create user's account.