Applications on Mixin Network

Mixin messenger: Mixin team build the first wallet on Mixin Network. Users use phone number and pin code, not a file, to hold and transfer cryptocurrency. Mixin messenger is also a messaging application. All messages are encrypted by end-to-end algorithm based on Signal protocol. Developer can create a bot in Mixin messenger to accept instruments from user and give response. The bot can accept payment from user, and pay asset to other Mixin Network account.

OceanOne: Mixin team build the first high performance decentralized exchange on Mixin Network. It has same high performance as centralized exchange. Developers can build their exchange and earn bid fee.

FoxOne : An aggregation cryptocurrency and blockchain interface for everybody: all markets in One App.

CoinView: The best all-in-one cryptocurrency investment management app with watchlists, market data, ICO information, news, and secure trading via API on multiple exchanges.

Diceos: A fast claim cryptocurrency dice game.

Slotin: A cryptocurrency slot machine.