Create App

Register messenger account

You need a mixin messenger account to create a developer account. Visit Mixin website to download our application and create an account

Log in developer dashboard

Login dashboard .
Use mixin messenger camera to scan the QR code, then give permission to developer website.
Following is Android app screenshots

Create App

After you logged in, click Create new application to create your first bot.
You need to fill some content, the icon can be missing now.
home_uri can be any url.
If you allow mixin messenger user to login your website, you need to fill OAuth redirect uri, Mixin server will redirect user's browser to this redirect uri after user scan the login QR code.
You own a bot in messenger now, the number start with 7000 is the id of the bot, you can search the id in mixin messenger to find your bot.

Generate secure parameter for your App

You need to generate two group of parameter.

Generate Client secret for your App

One group is client secret. Click the link to generate it.
You need to save it well because dashboard did not provide restore function to get back old secret. A new secret is generated and sync with dashboard server after you click the link.

Generate Session key for your App

Session key contains many parameter. These parameter will be used in http call to Mixin network server.
Just click the button "Click to generate a new session", three group of data will be displayed, you should keep it well because dashboard can not restore the generated content. And new content will be synced with dashboard every time you generate new session
Keep content well. Nearly all SDK need the content. Here is an example.