Mixin network application


Developers can create Mixin Network accounts for their clients. All their clients can own a cryptocurrency wallet for free and accept cryptocurrency on the fly. Their clients are not limited to be human-beings, they can be merchants and IOT devices.

Creating Mixin Network account is free, transferring asset inside Mixin Network is also free.

The Mixin Network account can not chat with Mixin messenger user or another Mixin Network account.

Technical details

An account in Mixin Network is represented by a public-private key pair, a pin, and a group of security parameters.

Only bot can use Mixin Network API to create an account. A public key should be provided. Mixin API server will generate security parameter for account and send back to bot. Developer need to load security parameter of the account, not bot, to visit Mixin Network. After creating account, developer should invite user to create pin code. Developer should also help user to build a strong memory of pin code because there is no way to recover pin code in Mixin Network.